Friday, July 29, 2005


By a miracle of photography, a wobbly assembly of parts balanced one on top of the other on their side on the workbench can be rotated to give the impression of an upright project. Okay, so you may need some imagination... Anyway it gives a rough idea of what I'm aiming towards. Alas a nasty split in one upright necessitates the panels to be used large panel down, which is mildly annoying. But I'll live. But on the plus side it looks like I'll have a bit of space for DVDs and such. Just need to buy some then... :~) Still not wholly sure how best to tackle the back while still using the minimum amount of timber; probably some sort of bar across the gaps or something. Ach, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. And I know, the spacing of the shelves is a bit weird, but it should be practical, if aesthetically displeasing.

Meanwhile the new GWW arrived this morning. Apparently the shelves of WHSmith's have become Phil's second home. :~D 'Fraid despite the presence of The Gloatmeister the sub for GWW is gonna have to go. It's just annoying me now; not the content but the blasted presentation. Sad when I've subscribed uninterupted since issue #48, but it's the only way I can register my protest and keep my blood pressure at reasonable levels. I'll have to get in touch with my brother, who gives me the sub for Crimbo, to stop the renewal due in two issue's time. I dunno, what with that, the increasing dissapointment of F&C and FWW's downward turn, it looks like PWW is the only one to look forward to - when it comes! Thank goodness for the 'net to keep me (in)sane and up-to-date with The Gloatmeister's daring do. ;~)

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