Thursday, July 28, 2005

You can call me Speedy...

All go here, isn't it? Yep, already glued up the frames and the walnut lipping onto some ash for the shelves. The ash is a mixture of leftovers from The Coffee Table and a tool cabinet I made - and outgrew - ages ago. I've given the cherry panels a quick wipe over with some shellac, but I'm not going to go mad on the finishing on this one. Typically, because I'm not overly worried about how this piece will turn out, it's going terribly easily and no angsting at all. Yet. Still to resolve a couple of things though. What to do for a back, or maybe not have a back per se at all? Small panel at the top? Or bottom? I'm inclined to the latter for some reason. And the extra length on the uprights? I'll leave the ones at the bottom (whichever the bottom turns out to be) as legs I think, but what about the top? Leave them? Chop 'em off and put an overhanging top on? Decisions, decisions. Opinions welcomed. Possibly ignored, but still welcomed. :~)


  1. Last ones I made (reference as the cherry "media" cabinets from h*ll), I used a 5mm (yep, mm) cherry ply for a back. Made in Japan from US veneer and shipped back for less cost ($22 for a 4' x 8' sheet) than I could buy domestic ply ($50/sheet). Go figure.

    Personally I would think that an open top would look best if there are no backs. But then even with the frame and panel construction it may rack (no pun intended) too much. A fixed top shelf would remedy that, though. With an open top I woul leave them, though I would not keep them equal in length to what becomes legs.

    With a back, I would add a top. With a top I would chop 'em off--the upper stiles that is. Probably.

    I personally wouldn't make any decision until I could do a dry assembly.

    They're going to look nice in any case.

  2. Thanks, Mike. I think we're both thinking the same sort of things, which is quite encouraging - for me anyway. Could be it just worries you! On the whole I have a feeling I should probably have had some sort of plan before I started though...


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