Monday, July 18, 2005

Sixpenny Tables

Yeah, progress! Saturday I tackled the joyous hell that is Me Doing A Glue Up and it all seems to be okay. Then this morning I got up early and planed the bevels on the underside of the tops before breakfast. It can't last, but then it doesn't have to much longer. A few millions coats of shellac to wipe on the tops, the coins to be set in the underside of the top and the buttons screwed on and I'm done. Heck, what can go wrong... (Don't answer that!) I wouldn't usually put the coins in the top, but rather one of the stretchers, but this way when a 2005 coin does eventually cross my path it'll be easier to bore the additional recess. Looking good, although it's ridiculous the amount of time I've taken to make two piddling little tables. Never mind.

Oh, and I'm getting to grips with the diamond paste a little more. Less successfully with the Veritas irons at the moment, but the L-N skew block was hair-poppingly sharp after the 0.25 micron. I thought I was getting things pretty sharp before, but evidentally
I was deluded...

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