Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Buttoned Up

Buttons and slots for same all done, and still no major disaster... What's left to go wrong then? Only the flippin' tops, that's what. Something that'd really show up, in fact. Oh deary me... Did I say they were to be 13.5" square earlier? Well it's all rot; 12.5". Not that it matters either way really; both are too big to crosscut on the SCMS. Heigh ho, I'll just have to suffer with more cleaning up of bandsaw marks with planes. Sob. It's a hard life. As it happens I've already made my life unnecessarily hard in cutting the buttons, simply to save wood. I used a stick of the right dimensions, 'Ratted a rebate at each end, cut the required button length off, rebate at each end, cut 'em off, etc. Eight times. I know, I know. Lunacy. It worked though.

And for those folks who don't read the Off Topic section of UK Workshop, may I recommend a gawp at the Wooden iPod? I suddenly find myself wanting an iPod; my el-cheapo MP3 player doesn't lend itself to a wooden makeover unfortunately.

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