Tuesday, July 26, 2005

You've been framed

Well a pressing need to use a jointer plane turned up yesterday, so CD storage it is. Using the minimum of wood and as many off-cuts as possible. Oh and I thought I'd make it as much of a hand tool made piece as possible too. No pressure then... I was going to shove these pics up onto Blogger's hosting service, but it won't cooperate, so a new album started a little earlier than planned here. Walnut frame (the sappiest board of the ones I got from British Hardwoods when I got the Side Table Cherry) and Cherry panels - the off-cuts from the Side Table leg boards; the pic above should give you the general idea. Another first for me, using frame and panel for carcass sides. Naturally I have no plan or drawing and only the sketchiest of measurements to go on, so it's all made up as I go along. Silly me... Not sure how I'm going to do the shelves yet, although whatever I can dig out with some walnut lipped on the front is favourite, and not a clue as to the back either. Oh well. Got a third of the mortises done so far, which isn't bad going considering how out of practice I am. But those oval bolstered or pigsticker chisels are practically impossible to steer wrong. Square, straight mortises are virtually guaranteed. And when I write up the Blog next and moan about the skewed mortises I just cut, please don't quote me back at myself... Anybody know if walnut and cherry go together reasonably okay when they're finished? Beggars can't be choosers so I didn't bother to check, but if it's going to look really ghastly I'm prepared to paint the cherry...


  1. Pressing need to use a jointer, eh??
    Had a parcel arrive from Canada by any chance?????
    By the way-couldn't way for the BUS-one turned up yesterday....Weak, weak.......

  2. I'm saying nothing...

    Hah! Knew you wouldn't be able to wait for the BUS :~)


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