Sunday, February 26, 2006

Drowning and Anchoring

Further to the Plane Party I told you about here, some extremely drool-inducing pics have wound their way onto the web courtesy of PWW via Ron Hock here. Don't drown yourselves... Is it just me who thinks Chris S and TLN look disturbingly similar here? It's not just the waistcoats, either... Sigh. Looks like they all had a pile of fun.


Too bad Karl Holtey and Ian Dalziel couldn't make it, but they seem to have found solace in each other's company instead. I'm happy to report Ian is much fired-up after his visit so I'm sure we can expect some luscious planes to result. Gotta keep the fine traditions of infill planemaking in this country up to speed with these newcomer Colonials.

Me, I've been a bit under the weather this week; with that and the chilly temperatures... well, go on, you guess how much progress I've made in the workshop... Oh well, got round to making up a page of info on the Record 040/043 and their derivatives at last, so not a total loss. Although maybe I should have laid out the info in a less conversational manner - but I was trying not to tread on the virtual toes of a couple of existing pages that go a little into the #043. Cleaned up the main Boat Anchor page a bit too; reinstating the links to Tooltrip which are now live again. Really I need to fill out the Lewin page with a few pics next; can't add much information 'cos there simply doesn't seem to be any! You'd be surprised how many enquiries I've had about the Lewin - mainly concerning value.

Hah, literally just looked up from typing this to see a Blackcap on the fat ball that hangs on the myrtle bush in front of my window.
First not-a-sparow-or-a-tit kind of bird that's visited it. Kewl.


  1. Hah! CS and TLN do look worryingly similar. Must make a note of this- I can go to the Woodworkers Fancy Dress Party is this kinda get-up. Just need the stick on beard ;)
    Ian has emailed me a few times recently-as you say, Mr Holtey seems to of taken him under his wing. Nice one Ian!!!
    How about some #44 info?? Not because one just turned up in the post.......;)

  2. Hey, Philly...what about going period like Adam [g]...

    Tis great news Karl has been so willing to share with Ian. Which was one of the reasons for the Event, I think. So they may not have been there physically, but in spirit they are.

    Now I hope as much good comes from the Event as is coming from the Land of the Infill.

    Take care, Mike

  3. Phil, I'll see what I can do about the 044, but I'm not as familiar with it as the 043 so it may take a little time. A lot of the info is applicable to both I think, fwiw.

  4. There was a third vestophile as well.

    As I said here , I hope this does not signal a fashion trend amongst the handplaning elites here on this side of the pond.


  5. Hmm "Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Vests/Waistcoats" anyone...?

  6. Still no sign of anyone making a decent modern compass plane then?

    It woudl be really interesting to see what LV would come up with don't you think.



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