Monday, February 27, 2006

Want - no, Urgently Needed: Additional Bookshelf

Hmm, so is the criterior for craftmanship a question of taste? Semantics? Even the few opinons in the comments suggests to me those three criterior are a bit ropey and too open to misunderstanding - you can all give your opinion on that one now if you fancy.

Had to totter into that commercial mecca - the "City" of Truro - this morning. Instead of the usual Tuesday?! Gasp. The world will shortly spin off its axis in consequence, but before it does, I actually found a woodworking book in a charity shop! In fact that's so unusual it'll probably hasten the axis toppling... The Woodworker Book of Joinery; an eclectic mix of articles from The Woodworker (dated 1990, largely late 80s articles I'd guess - very like the FWW Best Of format) - forward by the then editor. Yep, Nick Gibbs. I'd forgotten that he'd edited The Woodworker; 'tis an incestuous business it seems. A quick flick through revealed a piece by "apprentice" Colin Eden-Eadon - ed of F&C now of course, plus a couple of early articles by David Savage. The latter should be on his website, but the link takes you to the later batch. Of no interest to Philly; they're concerning hammer veneering. Anyway, on Amazon yours from £8.50. Mine for 50p... Meep meep meepity meep meep.


  1. Truro on a Monday??? What is the world coming too? ;)
    Gotta watch that Gibbs Chap-he turns up in a lot of places! Thanks for the heads-up on the DS articles (forgot about those).
    50p was a good price......

  2. Alf,

    Have you read David Pye on the subject of craftsmanship- (Workmanship of Risk vs. Workmanship of Certainty)?


  3. Yeah, I'd forgotten the DS articles too; so about time for a reminder :~)

    Jeff, no I haven't, although it's been on the list for a while.

  4. David Pye's books are a little heavy going though. I have two and take a few pages at a time-my brain hurts (or turns off) if I read more ;)


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