Friday, February 10, 2006

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Curiostity of the Week

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Lie-Nielsen Bottle Opener!
Fed up with dentist's bills caused by the careless wrenching open of Buds using your front teeth? Get the ultimate accessory for the woodworker who has everything; you too can grasp an unclad young lady, cast in nickle silver, and open your beer.

I'm really looking forward to the version "for her"...

On an unrelated note, for Firefox users, if you've not already got it I heartily recommend the extension undoclosetab. It's already saved me a heap of grief. N.B. You may have to download it from here if you can't get it to work from the "proper" link.


  1. Undoclosetab appears to incompatible with the newer releases of firefox alas.

  2. Anon, try the second link. I'm using Firefox and got it to work from there.

  3. Maybe the "for her" version of the L-N bottle opener will have a device for piercing beer cans?


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