Monday, February 20, 2006

Sculpture and painting

Someone put me out of my misery; which tip of mine got published this month? I'm sick of these free gifts on GWW 'cos the darn thing's cocooned in plastic and I can't have a sneeky peek to find out... And they don't tell you on the voucher, dammit.

Anyway, made some tiny, infinitessimal progress on The Seat - see if you can Spot the Difference... But good news, 'cos the dent in the front turned out to be not so bad and was eliminated in next to no time. Huzzah. Don't think I can put off getting out the sander and donning the dust mask for much longer though, which is something not to look forward to. If I'm daring enough to look ahead at least the legs should involve some old fashioned hand plane use, so maybe that'll get me back on track.

Bevel-up planes have been rearing their ugly heads for discussion again. I see Chris S has something on them in the Woodworking magazine Blog (and seems to have stopped accepting comments too - coward! ). The three finger/four finger grip is something I've taken a while to get used to as well. I can't say I like it much even now, to be honest. Ah, the irony of it though. The LV MII rear tote is, so I'm reasonably reliably informed, based on the grip of a power drill. A power drill, if you think about it, is the
archetypal example of the three finger grip, like wot you can't do on a bevel up plane without your forefinger waving loose in the air like a wind sock in a stiff breeze. D'oh! Funny, I couldn't think why it felt more comfortable during testing when I did that until I found out the power drill thing later. Okay, yes, I did feel a little smug that I'd "spotted" that if you must know...

Finally, I was dragged off to see the exhibition of Turner's work in the Southwest at the Tate in St Ives on Saturday. It confirmed me in two things, no, three:
  1. I don't like Turner and he couldn't paint a recognisable tool for toffee.
  2. There is currently no greater concentration of pretentious twaddle to be found anywhere in Cornwall than in St Ives. Regretably that looks like changing and pretentious twaddle will shortly spread over the whole county...
  3. Triangles of canvas painted lime green simply can't compete against the genuine beauty and artistry of the surroundings. Lose the con artists and put in more windows!
Just to top my misery, it was a beautiful bright morning and we drove right past the door of the car boot sale without going in. Pah. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed exhibitions before now (one that sticks in the mind was Paul Nash's work during WW2 at the IWM some years ago) but this one didn't make me think, didn't teach me anything and just made me feel I was wasting a perfectly good hour I'd never have again.


  1. Just in case nobody has enlightened you yet Alf it was magnets and dustbags.


  2. Yeah, read Chris' comments on BU planes. Tweaking depth on the move?? More like "searching for a plus point" to me.......
    Also noticed the thread on WC, too. Interesting stuff.
    Personally, I use the jack and smoother ALL the time. I've been selling off Cliftons, etc on the 'Bay as I don't use them anymore. (Yes, even I feel bad owning a plane if it never gets used. Kinda ;))
    But-I don't really like the BUJ all that much. Too light. Had a play with it at Ally Pally again and am not convinced. Clifton #7 is not going anywhere soon....

  3. Ah, bless you Graeme; the not knowing was killing me. S'good one that (say it I absolutely shouldn't), certainly saved me a lot of swearing.

    Phil, funny, I don't find the BUJ too light, just too unbalanced. And selling off the Cliffies to the heathen masses on the 'Bay eh? Instead of giving the good folks on the forum first dibs? For shame...

  4. Ah well done Alf just spotter your a blogger, welcome to the blogosphere

    Andy Boyd

  5. Alf,

    Actually, I am a coward. But that's not why the comments section on my blog at Woodworking Magazine is closed. We got hit by spammers -- every entry had 17 comments for a personal care product. Clearing them out was taking a lot of time.

    And then the corporate IT people "updated" all our servers and destroyed my login credentials. So I can't even update my own blog! This is week two....

    I hope to have the site back up (with comments this week). And sorry you didn't like the Byrdcliffe chest. Must be an American thing.


  6. It's a guarantee, isn't? Say something mildly derogatory (in fun, natch) about someone and they can't resist responding... ;~) As it happens, Chris, I'm not sure I don't prefer it comment-free. Pesky spammers though; it wasn't for that hand cream was it...? :~)

    As to the chest, I think you may be right it may be a 'Murrican thing. Look at JB's constant bewailing of the fact he couldn't sell painted chairs, while the 'Murrican tradition is for paint. Not just a common language we've got available to argue about it seems!


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