Monday, September 04, 2006

Book club

Happened across a couple of literary endeavours that might appeal so I thought I'd share.

First up, courtesy of Google Books, Charles Dickens on Wood, and How To Cut It, c.1850. Subtitled, by me, as"Wood, how the best stuff now probably wouldn't be considered good enough for matchsticks". It's enough to make you weep, really it is, but also interesting and one or two humerous asides wot made me chuckle too.

Secondly, for the eager saw doctor in embryo, Ken Greenberg's notes on saw sharpening. As Ken said when I asked his permission to draw potential sharpeners's attention to them, they're just what he used as a guide to doing a demo on the subject, but to me they make a good checklist to have handy for anyone new to the Black Art as well as someone trying to introduce them to it. I've already printed out a copy for my own use...

Edit: Ah, erm, correct link for the saw sharpening PDF there now. Sorry 'bout dat...

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  1. Great article on saw sharpening, Alf. Just the job for us new to the black art who know nuffink. Thanks for that.

    Paul Chapman


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