Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Order, order!

They said it couldn't be done - but it can. Lathe, wood and tool (and lots of sanding) have met and block & gavel have resulted for my brother's birthday at the beginning of next month. Yes, gentle reader; in time. Dunno about you, but I may need a lie down to recover from the shock...

Apparently he's always wanted one, but I question the wisdom of giving an older brother such a symbol of authority. We'll just have to hope it doesn't go to his head and he starts thinking anyone will actually take any notice when he pounds it. But you don't want to know about that (he's going to be 50, btw - just thought I'd get that damaging fact in for the public record). You want to know wood-related detail. So... it's loosely based on a design in a back issue of Good Woodworking by Steve Maskery; it's under Miscellaneous in the gallery. The recess for the chuck jaws makes a sort of sound chamber for the strike block or something, anyway it sounded good and now I actually have a chuck... Purpleheart from Yandles for the gavel, Rosewood from my trip up to Kent for the block with a Purpleheart striker to tie the two togther. Simply 'cos I neglected to get any suitable blank of Purpleheart for the block. D'oh! The Purpleheart was splintery and awkward while the Rosewood wasn't splintery but still awkward. Plenty of tool sharpening needed. Finished with a couple of coats of shellac and waxed - looks a bit too green in the thumbnail, but the main pic's close-ish. Might have to have another go and see if I can do the Rosewood better justice. For commemorative purposes a 1956 shilling and 2006 penny (badly) glued into the base; so badly I ain't showing you lot.

To be honest it would have been more fun spending six months making another chair - I really ain't no turner. Coo, the stress. Now I wonder if I've got time to run up a simple box to pack them in? Probably not, but it's worth a try...

And oh yes, the scrub plane's already en route to its new owner, so no more offers please!


  1. Alf, This gift for regular use, or just to bring the family to order?

    The Gavel rims might suffer a bit long term, as you noted Purple Heart's a bit splintery when dry.

  2. For someone who "ain't no turner" you seem to do some pretty good turning! I think it looks lovely and I bet brother will be delighted with it.

    Paul Chapman

  3. Wonderful use of color and shape, Alf.

    Take care, Mike

  4. Chas, hah, it's mainly just to be decorative. Maybe the odd tap to express his feelings now and again. I shall load him with dire warnings on the subject of overuse, mainly for the benefit of everyone else but dressed up as preservation of the wood ;~)

    Gentlemen, the camera, as ever, lies wonderfully on my behalf, but thank you.

  5. Such self modesty does not become you aunty dear. The aged parent will be delighted!



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