Friday, September 15, 2006

Chuck out, chuck in

In theory I should be busily turning purpleheart into expensive chippings in a mad dash to get my brother's birthday present done "in time". Yeah, all right, "in time" is a bit of a novel idea, but if you don't try... However the old man has first dibs on the lathe house, er, garage at the mo', so it's on hold until I can get a clear run and swear in private.

In the meantime, a young galoot's fancy turns once more to tool storage. The saw problem is no better and there's simply nowhere to put them. The big saws are still packed up from last weekend, simply 'cos it's the safest place for them at the moment. I mean what is the point of cleaning, setting and filing them only for them to knock around the workshop getting damaged? So a saw till is really getting to be an urgent requirement.

Now I could just throw something together that'd do for the time being, and re-address the problem in another 20 years or so.

Or do the thing properly and make a super-douper saw till-a-rama, possibly with a tambour door 'cos I keep wanting to do one.

Or the third option is to use the saw till as a bit of a dry run for a proper tool cabinet. But I sort of hankered after doing a frame & panel construction for that, which is not tambour door-friendly. At least I don't think it is, but I'm open to suggestions.

So in consequence of all this if-ing and or-ing I haven't done anything. Oh, except I've had enough of my experiment of working out of the toolchest and have nearly moved all my ready use tools back to the drawers that used to be under the bench. The chest will end up having the less frequently used tools in it I think. To be honest it's rather in the way... Being honest probably isn't really a good idea really; if we're honest there are just too many flippin' tools and I should have an enormous chuck out of stuff. Sigh. I wish I'd been born a natural minimalist instead of a natural accumulator.

It hasn't helped that I've also been busily undoing all the good work of not buying anything at Yandles... Not in a mad, insane way, but I have, erm, bought a chuck for the lathe. It's the turning equivalent of a Stanley Handyman I'm sure, but if it planes the bottom of the door, figuratively speaking, then it'll do. My excuse is I need it for making the birthday pressie. Well I don't actually need it, 'cos I've managed before for all these years, but it should help do a more professional job. Just as soon as I learn to turn properly...


  1. Not sure about a tambour door for a saw till - won't that restrict the amount of storage space? With a conventional door, you could use that to store more.

    By the way, I hope that when I shook your hand when we met at Phil's bash I didn't catch the dreaded chisel collecting disease. Today I was passing a second-hand tool shop that I haven't visited for months so I had to go in. Picked up a cracking pig-sticker mortice chisel for a tenner. Made by Thos. Ibbotson & Co. Really good nick. Get the grease out!!!

    Paul Chapman

  2. Crikey-he's finally clicked, Al!
    The "bug" can be spread even quicker by face-to-face contact than by Internet ;)
    Funnily enough, I bought a couple of saws from a second-hand shop yesterday.....and popped by Axminster today to "pick up a new catalogue". Nurse!......;)
    As to saw tills-well, you can never make them big enough. I'd make an open one with plenty of room next time.

  3. Trouble is they also had plenty of saws, some of which looked very much like Disstons. But having just purchased a saw from someone I know (!) I had to force myself not to have a closer look. Although I did buy a nice Stanley ratchet brace to replace my really knackered-beyond-repair one - well got to have something with which to use those Jennings bits that same person sold me! Maybe next month...........

    Paul Chapman

  4. Alf, You bought a Chuck!!
    Now you can turn a dovetail on the outer cylinder and devise some quick release method of clamping the inner tube in place and you will have got a bit closer with the handle collet. Fixed base with 8mm bolt/socket nut to clamp handle for instance.

  5. Chas, remember I warned you of its lowly nature... I don't believe this chuck has dovetail jaws.

    (Hides in anticipation of being soundly ticked off for buying the turning variant of a plane made from pressed steel and painted bright green)

    But I'm sure there's a happy solution, once I get to, ah, "grips" with it. Gettit? Grip? Chuck? Oh dear, someone get Chas a drink; it's the shock of the Chuck From Hell probably.

    Paul, I accept no responsibility for transmitting any diseases of a tool-buying nature. On the sole of my foot you'll find the disclaimer to that effect - in very small print... I suppose I could have asked someone to walk ahead of me ringing a bell and yelling "Unclean, unclean" but then there might have been complaints of hearing damage. ;~)

    I may well discuss tool storage and my thinking behind same in future posts (i.e. more prevarication to come) so I'll keep my powder dry on door choices.

  6. "But I'm sure there's a happy solution, once I get to, ah, "grips" with it. Gettit? Grip? Chuck? Oh dear, someone get Chas a drink; it's the shock of the Chuck From Hell probably.

    Don't bother Alf, after what I have just consumed with a late evening nosh I'm ready to accept anything, as long as it gets you sucked into 'Round Spinney Things' It will have served it's purpose.


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