Monday, September 18, 2006


Well despite haunting a handful of car boot sales over the weekend, I came away with next to nothing. Certainly nothing I "needed", but not getting anything at all is too depressing, so I splashed out a whole 50 pence on each day. Saturday saw me coming across this screwdriver:

Nothing special, you're thinking. S'what I thought until I picked it up and it felt a lot heavier at the handle end than I'd expected. Turns out it's one of those screwdrivers where the shaft goes right through the handle and you're positively encouraged to hammer on it:

My dad's being beating the hell out of a set of the Stanley "Hurwood" variety ever since I can remember - and before that - but I didn't know you could get them with a traditional oval handle. Clearly stamped "Spear & Jackson, Sheffield" on one side of the shaft, on the other side the Registered Design number and further encouragement to abuse it. Viz: Will open boxes without bending. Gotta love a tool made with that much confidence in its endurance really, haven't you?

Sunday's 0.50 GBP went on a No. 2 bench plane. And no, that's not the enormous gloat you might be thinking it is. Not all #2's are Baileys... It's in the citric acid at the mo' but when I've cleaned it up, all will be revealed.

Talking of citric acid, I've been having terrible difficulty getting hold of any. Turns out it's 'cos places are stopping stocking it because it's used to "cut" drugs. The fact that there are dozens of legitimate uses for it doesn't apparently mean anything. For heaven's sakes, what is the world coming to? Anyway I've ordered some via mail order - and nothing else - so if I get a visit from the local constabulary I sharn't be surprised...

And joy; just had Rutlands email about their autumn sale. Guess who ordered from them last week and could have saved £9 on a certain chuck. As ever my timing is immaculate in its inaccuracy. Grrrr. I imagine they won't "do a Lee Valley" and send me the difference. Sigh.

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  1. I reckon that screwdriver was a really good buy, Alf. Like you, I don't like abusing tools but occasionally a screwdriver and a hammer is the only way to deal with certain imovable objects. I bought two American-made screwdrivers by the name of Velocity back in the 1970s. They are not like yours - they have transparent, plastic handles rather like those indestructable Marples chisels. I've often taken a hammer to them and they always come back smiling. If that screwdriver of yours is half as good (and that oval handle is a lovely shape) it will have been 50p very well spent.

    Paul Chapman


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