Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Website, where art thou?

Yep, my virtual workshop has gone awol again - sorry if it causes any inconvenience.

Not been a good day all round really. Had to traipse into Helston this morning - Hell's Town would be more accurate. Pretty uninspiring place, I always feel. The only high spot in the place is the bookshop at the bottom of the hill (so perhaps really it's a "low spot", maybe?). Anyway, we parked at the top of the hill...

Got to the door and "Sorry for the inconvenience but due to unforseen circumstances we are closed from Wednesday 27th September to..."


The main reason for going (located at the top of the hill) was unexpectedly closed too, plus I was too early for the museum and while the antique shop had tools, they were naturally priced rather unrealistically. A Stanley 130 with a block of wood crudely fashioned into a wedge at one end (and still a square block of wood for the rest of it) was mildly amusing, and I admit to hesitating over a virtually unused Greenslade badger plane, but I came away virtuous and empty-handed. Well I wouldn't have wanted to carry anything up that blasted hill anyway... Even the tip, er, "household waste recycling centre" was a bust, apart from successfully dispositing the junk we took to off-load. A few sorry-looking saws, but nothing worth even stooping to pick up. To top it off there was a proper, honest-to-goodness drawing board there, all apparently in working order with a nice angle-adjustable stand and everything. I drooled a bit, but it wouldn't have fitted in the car, never mind the house! Heigh ho, back to Sketch Up then...

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