Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sawing Machine

Things move quick inna fast movin' world o' bloggin', and I can't seem to get comments to stick at the moment, so a smorgasbord of things, some in response to useful comments in the boxes provided.

With regard to tambour doors, evidentally I've failed to fully convey one of my problems. I'm wondering what are the issues involved in putting the groove for the tambour in the frame of a frame 'n' panel? Can I get away with it without risking destruction, or is it a case of adding an extra inner piece to take the groove? Or what? Might just be easier to make it from the solid of course, and I may well yet, but I'm wondering if it's feasible or not. Might have to chuck it at the Design forum on UK Workshop and see what comes out of it.

As far as the "new" saw goes, I decided the best way to make my mind up about it was to follow Mr W's excellent suggestion first, see how I found it and then have it recut if I still found the need. So this lunchtime saw it sharpened it up as prescribed - "lots of fleam [~30 degrees] and about a 25 degree rake." - and taken for a spin.

Hot damn, I may have found my new favourite saw... Nope, no need to alter the ppi on this one, it's a Sawing Machine. Muchos gracias for the benefit of your wisdom, Mike. If I needed convincing that rake and fleam make a heap of difference, this demonstrates it rather well.

Finally today saw me stumbling across another Woodworker annual for my, ah hum, collection... Evidentally not commercially bound, but then readers were encouraged to bind copies themselves, so that's no great surprise. Trouble is I couldn't recall if I already had 1925's or not - foolish me, I've failed to make a note of the ones I have to keep about my person. So I flicked through it and tried to see if anything looked familiar. Well some of it did. But lots of it didn't. Despite the outrageous price (don't ask) I opted to take the risk on it being a duplicate (that's the collector talking, of course) and put down the cold hard cash. Friends, it's no wonder some of it looked familiar.

The January section is from 1927. Which, needless to say, I have.

The question I can't help but ask myself is; did the amateur binder notice and decide to leave it because he also had the 1927 edition - with January 1925 in it? So is it somewhere out there, even now..?

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  1. Oops. Knew I left something out of the tambour idea! You can use extra wide frames so the groove doesn't pass over a M&T. I would also use perhaps 7/8" stock for the extra thickness. Maybe.

    You could also make a form out of ply for both halves of the track and laminate 1/8" strips up to form a "second" layer for inside the cabinet. Attach with screws...

    But I think I would go for the routed groove in the F&P directly. Else use a solid made from a glue-up.

    Take care, Mike
    who's happy the saw works as well for you as mine does...


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