Friday, March 30, 2007


Less fate-tempting countries call it "daylight saving", but Mad Dogs and Englishmen persist in calling it "British Summertime". It fell upon us last Sunday. It does not come as a total surprise to the time-served Englishwoman to wake to a sharpish frost the following Friday...

You've gotta hand it to Jack Frost though; he's a dab hand with the ice art.

As for tales of daring-do in the workshop, it's more like daring-d'oh. The Maxi struck again and managed to go from a 90° setting to not-quite-a-90°-setting without any input from me. Or any appreciation of the fact from me either, until it was too late. So I'm doing a bit of unscheduled painting to help rescue the effects... If it comes out even mildly presentable (possibly with a little help from Gimpshop) then all will be revealed. What there is of it. More of an experiment than anything worth sharing really.

S'about it except for the w'shop being in a total pickle and the saw till getting some holes filled with a view to paint. I finally had enough of looking at rusty nail holes and anyway I figure a painted carcass gives me more leeway on what to make the door from. Plus I get to delay things even further while I decide on a colour...


  1. Cool picture Alf.


  2. British Racing Green Alf - it's the only colour you need. :)

  3. Hi ALF,

    Colours.....let's see, the emerald isle is surrounded by oceanic blue. Pick one of the 100,000 greens of the English countryside there in Cornwall, fern green comes to mind. Or a slaty ocean blue. How's that for narrowing it down?


  4. So the Normite trate hasn't made it to the finishing then, should be donkey brown.


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