Thursday, March 08, 2007

Little Victor's Hat

Given the sudden increase in traffic brought about by Little Victor's hat, I thought an up-date might be in order. Actually been using it in real workshop tasks and managed to make respectable full width shavings (all sixteen sixteenths of it) without discomfort. I count that as a success. Although I'm not at all sure how long the purpleheart will stand up to the task, but how could I use wood of any other colour...?

Should anyone fancy having a go at making one themselves, I strongly advise drilling and paring the mortise in a larger piece and cutting it down to the desired size when that's complete. Some folks reading this will be saying "well duh" I don't doubt, but it's these little things that, as a novice, I personally could really have done with having spelt out. So fwiw.

In other news, erm, not a lot. Domestic duties have intervened so while I could give you a blow-by-blow account of a visit to a supermarket, the only time I saw the inside of the w'shop was when I went to collect the bucket of rubbish (bin day tomorrow). But hey, good news; it's about time to visit it again to re-fill the cat litter trays.


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