Friday, March 23, 2007

Website Update

Just a heads up that the Combi How-To is now web sited with the addition of a couple of the constructive points made on the forum, including a link I meant to include and forgot. D'oh. Still open to revision however, if anyone has something useful to add. Also had a general re-jig to lose the Boat Anchor name and switch to Combi Plane Central instead. I had a feeling that seekers after combination plane goodness weren't necessarily making the anchor connection. Slowly coming along anyway. Got some superb pictures of a Marples 44 plough which should give me the necessary nudge to get on with that page, although I can't now recall if I have pics of a 44C now. Ack, must get more organised!


  1. I fear that tyros won't necessarily find Combi Plane either.

    I'm just amazed at the comprehensiveness of the How-To. And, of course, it comes just in time for me, having just bought my first anchor. And not only that but now you've also saved me from the slope by ensuring that the prices will rocket, so I won't be able to afford any more. Absolutely brilliant. :-D

  2. Searches seem to get people to the right places at the moment, it's more the casual visitor who might find a title with "plane" in it more clickable than one apparently about pointy metal things on the sea bed :) We'll see.

    Personally I'm wondering why I didn't buy up a load of examples and then publish. All the business acumen of a stuffed haddock... :)

  3. Yeah, sorry, I should have been clearer, it was the abbreviation of combination that I was querying.

    ... stuffed haddock ... LOL


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