Sunday, March 25, 2007

Raising things

Yep, reckon this one'll raise the frustration levels as well as panels... But hey, it's not finished yet and you wouldn't want to see it half-baked, would you? Mind you it's pretty much a botch job anyway, so don't indulge in too much anticipation. Just in case you don't know who to blame read this.

Funny really, 'cos I was only the other day saying to that certain saw-maker so well-known to many of the readership how Mr Christopher Schwarz, magazine editor also well-known to many, is a Bad Influence. Time and again I find myself suddenly thinking such-and-such a tool would be fun to have and wonder why - only to trace the origin of the thought back to Chris. Mr Wenzloff seems also under this terrible curse. What I hadn't realised until now is that Mr W is also a Bad Influence. Not only making saws that result in excessive "oooooooos" directed at my monitor, but in diverting me into making tools that I'd had no intention of making before. I don't think it's deliberate, but it's happened more than once now.

What I really need is one or both Bad Influences to do the decent thing and inspire me to finish that saw till...

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  1. Well, we could always race on the saw till completion [g]. I haven't started on the new one yet. But I need to. The shop is in shambles due to expanding it, my user saws are all in boxes lying about the house.

    So a saw till has to be made which will hang in the office for the saws we don't use to make saws...

    Ok, racing is almost never a good idea. But how about this. You could make the drawers for the saw till applied drawer fronts. Rail and stile with rasied panels. Combine both the fun of playing and the need to complete the till...

    Take care, Mike


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