Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Table top

Now when I said "back to normal" obviously that doesn't mean particularly normal at all. I still seem to be suffering with these Normite tendencies and frankly it's starting to scare me a little. Not helped by my natural inclination towards a "bargain".

Currently I'm acting as chauffeuse while The Hip is in recovery, so supermarket runs have been my lot. Well the supermarket is right next door to the Orange One sometimes known as B&Q (amongst other less complimentary things), my mother holds a wrinklies card, er, I mean "Diamond Card" and thus gets 10% off everything on a Wednesday. My mother also likes acquiring plants at a similar, or faster, rate as I do tools and B&Q has some quite good plants. You'd be amazed how often needing to go to the supermarket coincides with a Wednesday. Or maybe you wouldn't.

Anyway, a router and table discounted to thirty of our (British) Earth Pounds gave me pause to think. The addition of the 10% discount saw me buy it. No, I don't know why either. Well heck, the NVR switch alone could cost almost as much, and that's not even one with two sockets; one for the router and one for the workshop vacuum.

Plus all the useful knobs and stuff? Couldn't lose, probably...

So the router may be a bit Mickey Mouse, but it's got a 1/2" collet and seems to be accurate enough. I immediately removed the spring to make height adjustment easier though. Well I say immediately, but it took a while.

Some genius designer had thought up a pair of plastic guards to screw on and completely surround the router for, presumably, safety. Great. Except you couldn't physically change the height of the cutter with them fitted. D'oh. Back in the box with those.

The fence was the thing I had the most doubt about, and I was proved correct. Plastc, tacky thing, not even close to straight. Back in the box with that one, after removing all the useful knobs of course.

But what are those useful knobs now on? Why the old router fence I made many years ago and have now adapted.

Not a thing of beauty, I agree, but functional.

Now to find something I need it for...


  1. Ah, the B&Q wrinklies card, one of the few joys of reaching old age. Made my day when I qualified for one of those:)


    Paul Chapman

  2. I am speechless! All the education you've had about the horrors of a table and router like that and then you actually go and buy one. If I had known you wanted one that badly, I would have saved the one I put in a skip some years ago!


  3. Chris, I know, I know! Even my mother asked more than once if I was quite sure. Oh the dangers of a mazed brain and a discount.

    Frankly I'm surprised I've got away with only one comment like this. :)

  4. Well I think it was worth it just for the switch - 2 sockets, what a great idea.


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