Monday, March 05, 2007


I had a moment of combi plane serendipity with the 044 over the weekend. There's been a pair of short fence rods knocking about in the Lewin box since I got it, but they don't fit the Lewin. I bethought me to try the 044 and lo', my 044 that came sans short rods now has the full complement. Seems to be a "lucky" 044 'cos the one cutter it came with just happened to be the size missing from my otherwise complete example too. Just need to fall over a complete set of cutters for it now - and at this rate I don't rule that out.

Meanwhiles Paul's completely cracked the combi identification, on the second attempt.

1. Record #044 (long rods)
2. Record #044 (short rods)
3. Record #043 (long rods)
4. Record #043 (custom short rods and "BugBear" lignum fence)
5. Stanley #50 (USA)
6. Stanley #50 (GB)
7. Lewin
8. Stanley #45
9. Record #405
10. Stanley #46
11. Stanley #55

The glaring ommision is of course the Record 050. I used to have one but sold it. Dunno why, moment of madness I s'pose...


  1. Blimey, I really must get out more! That #405 looks really nice - got a close-up pic?


    Paul Chapman

  2. Thanks for the posts about the Record #044 and other combination planes.
    I just got a later (1949+) one, almost NOS, and it does a great job.


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