Sunday, March 11, 2007

Say Cheese

^ That's taken with the Mac's built-in camera which ain't so good.

Tsk - I must be making these teases too easy. It is indeed a new camera - another Fuji but with bells and whistles to give me a bit more control over the results. In truth probably a bit too much control for this bear of little brain, but there's plenty of options to just control the bits you want to and let the Auto settings take care of the rest. And the Macro option is excellent, as you can see. Actually that was in "Super" Macro which can get down as close as 10mm (3/8"). Kewl. Just mucking about in a pretty dim light too. Well chuffed. Broke, but chuffed...

And don't worry - I'm not going completely arty and condemning you all to black & white for ever more. Well probably not...


  1. Cor, that looks flash, Alf. Can't beat a camera with a proper viewfinder. My cheapo digital has only got one of those stupid screens and I hate it.


    Paul Chapman

  2. Lovely, Alf
    Personally I like the arty shots! Keep them coming.

  3. Hi Alf

    Nice camera, my dad has the same one and I got to play with it a bit a week or so ago and was very impressed, personaly i'm a fan of old manual 35mm and it was as close to that experience as any digital camera i've used so i'm sure you'll make some lovely images with it.

    Looking forward to some new photo's of the workshop and various projects!

  4. Nice one, Al!
    I've had three Fuji cameras - love 'em! You got a tripod for the workshop shots?
    Looking forward to you getting slightly "Arty" ;)


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