Monday, August 14, 2006

Doing the filing

Been tidying up my saw filing stuff with a view to Philly's UK Workshop bash next month. Still not entirely sure how the whole saw sharpening thing has happened, but if I make it look difficult enough maybe I might get some saw doctoring work? (Plot plot...) Much to my delight I found unused files in 5" and 6" in double extra slim which I'd completely overloooked, so already it's paying dividends. And yes, I get delighted easily... Anyway, all good, organising stuff that I'll reap the benefits of, but tedious in the extreme. Cast a speculative glance at the lathe to see if it was accessible, but a big hole in the wall right above the headstock suggests "no", so I left the Old Man to continue his destruction and tip-toed away. Shame, 'cos I could do with a couple of file handles - but they can wait.

Ah, just got a reply to my prod of Mike at Classic Hand Tools about the saw files. Hmm, "still working on it". Glad I wrapped up my poor 4" double extra slims carefully then. Or what remains of them.

So yeah, it's all go chez Alf, she lied.


  1. I still find it incredible it is that difficult to obtain smaller hand saw files there.

    You know, I can buy them so cheap. Nicholsons down to 2" long, Grobet for a decent price, and of course Bahco.

    Maybe I should start sending them over there by the gross and you can do mail order. [bg]

    Take care, Mike
    who's still wanting to pop over for the fun

  2. Al
    I have the lathe set up hopefully for Chas to do some showing off-we'll get him to turn up a bunch of handles. Saying that, I usually drill a hole in an offcut and rasp the thing roundish.
    At the moment we have 12 definites for the big bash. How many are too shy to email me or are on holiday at the moment I don't know. I feel we may get deluged at the last minute.

  3. Mike, I know, I know, it's just crazy. Well I still have hopes of t'other Mike. I'd like to give him the business if I can 'cos he really does make an effort to provide us woodies with the choice of the best tools out there and deserves the custom. Wish I could go to Westonbirt at the end of the month - he's got Rob Cosman, Konrad doing a plane making seminar, carving bods, the Auriou guy iirc. Sigh, sounds like our kind of thing, eh?

    Phil, a rasped offcut? Well it's not much different really - just a turned offcut! Cool about Chas; maybe watching him wil remind me what I'm doing wrong... I wonder if a post about who's coming so far and any demos you've got lined up might get some more folks to come out of the woodwork?

  4. Been tidying up my saw filing stuff

    Are you taking my rake jig - just so you can convince other people how useless it is? :-)


  5. Hah! As it happens I am - but merely to provide all the options. Some may well prefer it, after all. Mad people probably, but... ;~)


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