Sunday, August 27, 2006

They seek it here...

... they seek it there, those woodworkers seek it (occasionally) everywhere. Is it on line, or is the server down? That demmed elusive web site.

Yes, it's gone walkies again. No, I don't know why. Sorry if it's caused inconvenience and you may assume I'm not getting emails again... What I don't understand is it's supposedly on the same server as UK Workshop, so why does mine go Lord Lucan on me and UKWS doesn't? Heigh ho.


  1. Computers. They're great.....;)
    Not worth worrying about too much, M'Lady. Now, owning 50 spokeshaves, thats a problem!

  2. Ode to Ray Davies...I like it.

    Hmm. 50 shaves. That's a few to see pictured, for sure. But then, even with giving away and selling a lot of my vintage saws...who am I to talk?

    Take care, Mike


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