Friday, August 11, 2006

Saw point

Well I potter along, doing bits and pieces in an effort to avoid starting something "proper". Completing the WIP pics of chisel handles is off until the Old Man has finished demolishing the end of the garage, wherein dwells the roundy spinny thing otherwise known as the lathe. Might have to do a bit of a tidy up of the workshop soon too. The choice of background on the handle pics wasn't for artistic reasons - the top of the toolchest is the only clear horizontal surface.

Also had saws on my mind. Mike gently dropped the bombshell that the long-awaited etching doodahs have arrived chez Wenzloff, and I've said all along that I'll buy a saw once it has the necessary bragging tag of a maker's mark. I mean what's the point of having a Wenzloff & Sons if no-one knows? So I was looking at the saw drool with rather more urgency this afternoon. And I have a problem that takes me back to when I was about seven years old. All those centuries ago I used to go with my friends to the sweet shop (candy store, 'Murricans) with 10 pence or so and spend hours deciding what careful assortment of penny sweets I was going to invest in. Would I blow a large proportion on one Sherbet Fountain? Or a selection of Fried Eggs, Flying Saucers and Fruit Salads? Decisions, decisions. I could never make them. The problem being, I didn't actually need any of them.

Which is the problem now. I'm, ah, fairly well set for saws and there isn't actually a particular saw lacking from my amoury. Not that that's a barrier to getting another one, you understand. Need and Want are different things... Equally I don't have a particular favourite that I'd like to have a Wenzloff version of - all saws are alike to me. i.e. I love 'em all. So how the heck do I choose what to ask Mike and his boys to make? I'm tempted to just chuck it at Mike and say "what d'you consider the saw that most says "Wenzloff & Sons" to you - without bankrupting me... ". Or maybe "what d'you fancy making?"

Oh well, at long as the piggy bank doesn't get swine fever while I'm deciding...

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