Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Out of Joint

Well this wasn't going to be a puzzle blog entry, but my inept camera use caused the pic to come out in such a way that I might as well make it one. So what's odd about this joint then? No points to any clever clogs who asks "You mean apart from the fact you appear to have planed it with a blunt rock, Al?" - I was in a hurry and grabbed the nearest, not necessarily the most fit for purpose.

And apologies if anyone's been trying to get on the web site; it seems to have gone walkabout again. So email-less again. And yep, that's the upside...


  1. Making something triangular? Or "just" a trick of the camera? If traingular, kudos to ya. Tricky paring the pin board...

    Take care, Mike

  2. Nah, aren't the boards at a angle, splayed? As in a tray?
    I do have a blunter plane if you need one when you come down, Alf ;)


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