Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I keep going into the workshop with the avowed intent to get on with various things - and then spend an hour milling about doing nothing constructive at all. It's amazing what time you can waste without really having anything to show for it. I mean, yeah, so the floor's swept now but that state of affairs will last no time. Once I actually start to make something again anyway... At least I got around to banishing the Boat Anchor to a box though, which was a nice feeling. Tomorrow though, tomorrow I'll really get something done.


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  1. I wouldn't worry about only having swept the floor, Alf. Many years ago I went to a talk by Terrence Donovan, one of Britain's most successful fashion photographers. When asked about the secrets of success, one of the things he said was: "Always remember, no one is too good to sweep the floor". So maybe it's something creative people have a need to do? But he didn't say anything about throwing anchors into boxes.......

    Paul Chapman


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