Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sharpening Henry's Saws

What with one thing and another I've had a bit of a lay-off from the workshop over the last few days, but I'm back to the grindstone now. Or rather the saw file. Finally got round to sharpening up the remaining 3 of 4 Disstons. The rip and back saw just needed a lick of the file anyway, and I'd broken the back of the required work on the handsaw a few months back, but even so... Half the trouble is that Disston steel is so much hard work to file, but also 'cos I've got very used to sharpening backsaws rather than the larger teeth. Yeah, okay, so the larger teeth are easier to see than the small ones on the back saws, but holy moly, you don't 'arf make up for the lower skill requirement by the sheer volume of metal you have to file on a rip saw. I'm not built for a lot of filing (I'm built for large passenger liners to founder on...) and I'm knackered. Give me pesky little teeth you can't hardly see every time; barely need a full stroke of the file in comparison!

Anyway, all done. 4.5, 8, 10 and 14ppi. Except now I'm looking at them and wondering if really I ought to sell 'em. It's certain sure they'd be more likely to sell than the odds and sods I have otherwise, and I can make do with odds and sods...

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  1. You could bring them down to Poole? I know a certain, uh, tool nerd who would buy the odd thumbhole ripsaw. Probably......;)


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