Thursday, August 17, 2006


'Pologies, readers; I had no intention of leaving you on tenterhooks so long. If you were. We had some heavy rain yesterday so naturally the damp string that passes for a telephone line in these parts was rendered null and void. But there seems to be a window of opportunity in order to put you out of any misery you might have been experiencing. Or not.

Yes, congrats to the gentleman in Dorset who correctly guessed the splayed, angle-iness, hopperish quality of the joint. I'd never even thought of triangular joints, and now I have I know I don't want to try them. Not that I've made progress beyond this practice joint to the project I have in mind for them since Tuesday, but at least I know I can kinda of make one now. As long as looks aren't too important, at any rate....

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  1. Ooh. Neat. I made a a few planters last year or the year before like that using White Oak and Purpleheart moldings at the top. I told my self they were practice for some small boxes.

    My hair is grayer, well, and a little thinner. Still haven't made the boxes [g]...

    Take care, Mike


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