Friday, August 04, 2006


Definitely not my thing, but I couldn't resist blogging this one for posterity. It's referred to as Dracula's Kitchen; you may induge yourself in suitable jokes in the comments box provided...

My choice of title is just a flimsy excuse to mention one of my favourite Discworld twists on the real world. You know all those various single malt whiskies? The Edradour or The Macallan, that sort of thing? Well the Discworld has Bearhugger's Distilleries Finest Malt- The MacArbe.

No, I don't know why it makes me chuckle either, but it does. S'not even as if I like whisky...


  1. Do you reckon his toolkit includes a coffin smoother?

    I'll get me coat....

    Paul Chapman

  2. Fantastic-the sort of thing you imagine Ozzy Osbourne commissioning! Wonder what it cost? A stab in the dark anyone.....;)

  3. While some people find coffins rather spooky, some people have a quite matter-of-fact attitude towards them. Don't know if you saw that delightful series on the TV a few years ago about life at Woburn Abbey. Lady Tavistock wanted a particular type of coffin (which actually didn't look much like a coffin). So she had it made and very nicely hand painted and kept it at the bottom of the bed as a blanket box! Lord T wasn't too impressed with the idea but I think he learnt long ago not to argue with 'er indoors.

    Paul Chapman

  4. Come on, guys - you're killing me!

    Rob in Peoria


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