Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Box of Delights

Mike oh-so-subtly wonders what delights I succumbed to from the Rutlands Bazaar. Yes, I got a teeny bit carried away, but it was much worse when I first went to the "checkout"...

I've already had a little play and the wooden mini smoother and shave work pretty well right out of the box! The A39 is gonna be a stinker though, I fear. The sole is quite a long way off being square with the sides, the blade is, erm, "not great" and the spur cutters...? Well if they take an edge I'll be very, very surprised. Definitely looking like a challenge, this one... I have more piccies, but the connection is flaky again tonight - I'll see what I can do tomorrow. Stay tuned!


  1. Nic one-you ARE worse than me when it comes to will power ;)
    Pity about the A39-it looked good, anyway.
    So does this mean I have to get the beech woodies??? ;)

  2. That's what it means, Phil!

    Glad Rutlands isn't near me...

    Take care, Mike

  3. Damn........
    (Phil's credit sighs defeatedly...)
    Philly ;)

  4. Alf, my Stanley #39s are also not accurately square. Not super off, but enough that if one were to hold it against a tall batten that was square to the board's surface and kept it against it, the 39s would cut at an angle.

    But, and I do this with wood dado planes too, is that after the first couple passes is remove the batten. I rely on a sense of square--and layout lines--more than the tool and batten. Just a thought.

    St. James Bay has replacement spurs and blades. But, I suspect that the spurs aren't a huge deal in use. In fact, I define all the dados using a batten, then retract the spurs and finish the dados. The Stanley blades also weren't the best in mine, but they worked until I got the replacements from SJB.

    I have a spare replacement. I don't know who made it, but it wasn't SJB. It is slightly narrow, but fits in the body of my 39 1/2. You are welcome to it.

    Take care, Mike


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