Thursday, June 08, 2006

Flavour of the month

Seems us woodworking bloggists are flavour of the month with magazine editors. After an unexpected plug from FWW, Chris Schwarz's Woodworking magazine blog has now linked here (and to Phil as well - tarnation ) - 'bout time too, Chris! Anyway, a warm welcome to anyone finding these whitterings through that route. The next issue sounds promising, although trust a review of moisture meters to come out after I've bought one. Just one gripe; the "Autumn" issue out in August? Urgh. It's as bad as being faced with all the "Back to School" promotions on the first day of the summer holidays...

All of which I was going to say last night, except Blogger was not cooperative. Too much strain on the system with everyone blogging about The Toe? 210 blog entries about it in 12 hours according to Google's Blog Search. Honestly, I ask you...


  1. Does that explain why your entries this week only showed up today?

    Ahem, not that I check every day, you understand, oh no, far too busy :^o

  2. Nick, dunno, it might do. Was that on your RSS feeder (is that the correct term?), 'cos I could access the Blog directly without any trouble, just couldn't post.

  3. RSS Feeder? Who he den?

    I just use IE.

  4. Blogger has been VERY slow this week.
    Sad that there seems to be only a handful of woodworking blogs. Maybe the rest of you are actually doing stuff........
    Running for cover,
    Philly ;)

  5. Congrats on the plug, and the shooting gallery looks great by the way. I don't know what the the deal is with The Toe? I guess being American we are out of touch with Soccer, I mean football, but I am trying to give it a go. There is almost no press coverage of the World Cup here at all other then a brief mention of it on the dedicated sports programs and maybe a blurb on CNN. I would say the majority of people don't even realize that it is going on. There is one Nike tv commercial about team USA, but I don't think people are putting the two together. Shame.

  6. Jerry, if truth be told the majority of the football-speaking world doesn't know what the deal is with The Toe either - don't give it another thought.

    I gather there's been much effort to get the USA to take notice of the World Cup, principally for the money that could be made. Personally I don't think footie has enough stats for the 'Murrican sports fan. But give it a go; heck, the opening game should have excitement enough for anyone with six goals going in. Looks like this new ball is going to make for some good goal mouth action, and a total nightmare for the poor saps between the sticks...


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