Wednesday, June 28, 2006


As promised for Mike, portrait of the calipers. Now why is it that wing nut is making me think Mickey Mouse? Tarnation, I won't be able to think of it as anything else now... The only problem with them is you can't take the blessed things apart to clean them properly, but it's a small price to pay for a fine example of a craftman's work. And they're jolly useful too.


  1. Oh, they're wonderful!

    I tried a removable pivot bolt and friction fit. Didn't work as I couldn't get it all together right and have free movement. Too tight or too loose.

    The two holes in the second pic on the join "cap" for lack of a better description, may well be for inserting a key much like golf shoe spikes to turn it. Dunno. Neat idea for me to pursue in any case. Make for a clean, low profile bolt/nut.

    Many, many thanks for the pictures! It's wonderful.

    Take care, Mike

  2. Mike, I worry about someone getting quite so excited about calipers. Not necessarily because they're nothing to get excited about. But rather the inevitable danger that I might also catch the disease... ;~)

  3. Trust me, I have it under control [g]...No really. My wife sort of collects them. Oh, she uses some for turning. But really, what does one do with 30 or so pairs of calipers?...

    Aside fom that, I really like craftsman made tools. Especially the odd and or really well made ones. Just gives me a tickle when I see them. And often they are inexpensive, which is a bonus.

    Take care, Mike


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