Saturday, June 17, 2006


Decided to deliberately think about something other than The Chair today - with luck that'll lead to a moment of total clarity and I'll know exactly what I'm doing.

It's never worked yet, but there's always a first time...

Went car boot sale-ing instead, and in a moment of madness went and bought the UK Stanley #50, NIB (New In Box, non-galootish folks) combi plane that's been tormenting me for the last month. No, it wasn't a bargain, but hey, I haven't got one. I had one, but I sold it and then kinda wondered why. Now I'm kinda wondering why I bought this one. Oh well, it's a known fact that combination planes are the one area of collecting I'll readily admit to, so I shouldn't be surprised I suppose...

The new Rutlands catalogue came this morning (another Autumn/Back To School whinge deleted here) and they've come out in further rashes of planes. Indian Anants (including some of the more unusual, might-it-be-worth-a-risk models. And a combi plane. Argh!!!!), Mujingfang Hong Kong and Taiwanese style planes, Chinese and even European woodies. My plane-testing self is itching to go mad and order a selection, but I must Be Good. I've already popped off an email to Rutlands to enquire whether the HK planes really are bedded at 45°, 'cos it doesn't look like it and all the info elsewhere on the 'net is to the contrary. Just w'ndrin', don'tcha know. Just w'ndrin'.

I know, I know. I'm just a plain plane-lovin' fool. I'm not proud.


  1. Crikey-those beech woodies got me twitching!! Quite a bargain at those prices. Jointer for £33??
    Must be strong....must be strong.......;)

  2. Aww go on, Phil, you know you want to.

    And then you can tell me if they're any good... ;~)

  3. Kind of interesting the Anant A39 is modeled after the Stanley #39 series. Is even marked A39 1/2 for the 1/2" cutter. Looks like a skewed cutter in the pic. Though the advertising copy says it is a rabbet plane, it has two nickers--making it a 1/2" dado plane. Not much can be wrong with the bugger. Cheap!

    The A78 is a decent plane btw. Fettled by a class attendee in short order.

    The 20" jointer--or a try plane--looks nice, excepting the handle. Easy to replace. If it was made from stable wood, heck of a buy.

    Take care, Mike

  4. MIke, I'm an idiot; I should have thought to ask you what your experience had been. The A39 caught my eye too - very, very tempting to give it a try. If it's any good at all it'll be too bad they don't do a 3/4" one!

  5. I suspect they may well make the 3/4" and Rutlands not stock it. Worth an inquiry? And if Anant doesn't make a 3/4", if they sell the 1/2" well enough they will.

    Rutlands ought to change the copy. Marketing as a dado may increase sales and have fewer frustrated customers who try to use it for rabbets!

    I have both a 39 1/2 and a 39 7/8. I had a 39 1/4 before it got lifted. They do work well, but a little uncomfy for the forward hand if one is doing several dadoes.

    Take care, Mike


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