Friday, June 02, 2006

Man Kicks Ball

Today's Big News

Wayne Rooney Kicks Football!

I know. I couldn't contain my excitement either...

But actually that wasn't the Big News I had in mind. Please, don't come up with critique of stick spacing now 'cos I've commenced to start boring the holes... It's not fast progress, but it's as accurate as I can manage so I'm hoping tortoise-like behaviour rather than hare-brained effort will win the day. Unfortunately the camera's still in the w'shop and there are two crazy parrots flapping about twixt me and it, so piccies will have to wait. But shortly there'll be explanation of that oddity that's no doubt been causing you to die with curiosity since April. Or then again maybe not.

Meanwhile a certain Antipodean has helpfully handed out rotten fruit to bystanders and then shackled himself into the public stocks by linking to his latest review/article/appreciation on WoodCentral. The self-appointed LN rottweilers just make me sick, but I fear I can't find in in myself to whole-heartedly support the beleaguered one either. Not to the extent of justifying some of the comments that have been thrown about, mind you... Either way, every other "reviewer" gets caught in the crossfire which personally I could do without. On balance, while I have every sympathy for him, I also wish he'd stop promoting his stuff quite so relentlessly - I can't help but feel it's just asking to annoy folks.

And finally, I think it must be summer. There's an unfamiliar ball of flaming gas visible in the sky during daylight hours, not a cloud to be seen and the temperature in the w'shop comfortably (or rather uncomfortably) topped 80°F. Sometimes you do have to pay the price for having copious amounts of natural light...

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