Friday, June 09, 2006

Devilish Work

Well I'm glad I took time out to make the chair devil, 'cos it's doing a smashing job. Seriously, if you have need for a round spindle/dowel/handle and no lathe, this could save you a lot of grief. It's not just useful for chair-making.

Anyway the short spindles are more or less done, althought the fit of the tenons to the arm need a little tweaking before it'll come togther properly - as you can see. Still it's looking so-so, at the very least I can make a low back chair now, even if the back and comb is a disaster.

No one's going to take it for anything but handmade though...


  1. Gosh the chair is a beaut, Alf!

    Signs of being handmade makes it all the better!

    Makes me want to sit in it.

    Take care, Mike

  2. Nice job! You're well on track for the end of the month!


  3. Thank you, gentlemen. 'Course I don't actually have 'til the end of the month 'cos someone's going to have come down with their Swedish Tank to pick it up. No room in the TPTB-mobile.


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