Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Glue, brute force and prayer

Oh, and wedges...

I gather it's a habit of Persian carpet weavers to incorporate a mistake in the pattern deliberately, so as not to offend Allah by having the audacity to create something perfect. Let's put it this way; I ain't going to be troubling him at all...


  1. Looking great M'Lady! Don't know what you are worrying about-it is "hand made" after all!
    And so nice to see shavings on the floor. A REAL workshop!

  2. Yeah, I get the shavings by the sackful direct from LN in Maine... ;~)

    Glad to see you back blogging, btw.

  3. Alf, it's looking really good. So ... what you gonna do next? :-D

  4. I'll join the admiration society, Alf. Like I said, it just invites one to sit and rest.

    Take care, Mike

  5. Well someone other than me has sat in it now and pronounced it to be "comfy" with "good lumbar support". Good news, but I wish there hadn't been quite such a note of surprise... ;~)

    Oh, and I've been forbidden from ever again making anything I've never done before as a present. :~S

  6. The proof of the chair is in the sitting. And how many people will be looking that closely anyway?

    It looks PDG to me. Of course you will be doing a matching one? :)


  7. Alf, you're much too hard on yourself.

    Tis a thing of beauty - give yourself a hearty round of applause.

    Pete W


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