Sunday, June 18, 2006

Comb over?

I saw, I shave, I scrape, I sand - and yes, I apply a couple of coats of shellac. It's just resting lightly on the sticks for the finishing, so it'll be a little lower than that.

So? Okay? Hideous? Do I care? Well yeah, of course I do, but I'm fairly happy with it so suggestions for alteration are going to have to be well-argued.

The join, btw, is definitely there but really the grain match isn't half bad. It would have helped if there hadn't been that dark sweep through the top piece, but as I feared before I started, you simply can't tell what exactly it's going to look like until it's been cut to final shape.


  1. Now that is right purdy! I love the sloping, curved taper. Sets it off right.

    What a wonderful chair. Gets the nod from Dina as well. I fear she may ask for me to add one or more to the list.

    It is going to be a chair which will last several lifetimes. You ought to be very proud of that.

    Take care, Mike

  2. Very nice!
    Came out pretty darn well, and one to be proud of!
    You gonna make another one?? ;)

  3. Alf,
    That is really nice, very stylish and definitely one to be proud of as the guys say.


  4. Hi Alf,

    Just dropped in from the colonies.

    The chair is gorgeous, and all your hard work shows in the details. The way the curved lines of the seat mirror the curved lines of the arms make the chair very inviting and make the elements all come together so that it is all of a piece.

    I do especially like the shaping of the seat, and the flare of the arms and their supporting sticks. The shaping of the sticks is subtle and right on the money.

    This is a great success, and I might add that it takes a lot of courage to do a high wire act like this right out in front of everybody, and no net.



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