Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The bells, the bells!

I was all set to post yesterday, honest I was. But the t'net connection was in "blinkin'" mode. i.e. The blinkin' thing weren't workin'. Not that I actually managed to get much done - a little progress on another jig to aid arm boring (see PWW #147) - but I did so want to keep up my aaargh-hair-cuts-are-the-pits run of posts... Yes, that time again, and a little sooner than usual too, being on a Monday instead of a Wednesday. She's come up with some new torture instead of the thinning scissors, claiming it's what her hairdresser does. So what is this, a revenge cutting?! Sheesh...

Anyway, no news on the mare's nest, er, auger bit extension. On the other hand I do have a back stop if absolutely necessary. A trial run with the only flat/spade bit I own showed it wasn't ideal but at a pinch could do the job. And of course extensions for flat bits are readily available. So that's sort of a weight off my mind. Kind of. In a way.

Well actually no, not really at all. It means using a power drill and power means making a mess of things that much quicker...

Meanwhile I'm lapsing into Quosimodo mode occasionally and muttering "The thumbs. The thumbs, Esmerelda" to the amusement of passers-by. Oh well, if you can't provide a little humour for your fellow man what else are you here for?

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  1. I seem to remember "Norm" doing a copy of a Bill Wallick chair using a triple flat bit extension to drill the back spindle holes. Is the new PC behaving?



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