Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Top Drawer

At the expense of considerable quanties of "ouch", shaping of the arm limbs carries on at an average speed of about four miles a fortnight. The weather's not conducive to sanding outside and, dammit, I want to do the shaping with shaves and such. So there. But I will have to give in and some point I s'pose. Heigh ho. Taking off enough, but too much, is the key thing of course, and one reason for avoiding any powered means as far as I'm concerned. Too easy to go too far... S'funny though, and entirely delusional, but having set it up on the arm boring jigs like that I feel much more hopeful that it'll really become a chair. I won't go so far as to say I'm confident you understand, but actual fear and dread have ebbed away a bit. Probably taking a break to refresh and return anew...

Having spent a good 20 minutes the other day trying to remember where I'd stashed the thumb screws, I finally got round to tackling a bit of essential workshop tidying. It's boring to do, looks worryingly organised, and probably the labels won't be relevant to the drawer contents above 6 months, but at least I might cut down a little of the did-I-put-them-here-or-here-or-here-or-over-here workshop walkabouts I seem to find myself doing recently. I think the aluminium pans are kicking in at last and the old, erm, you know, that thing you forget, yeah, that's it, memory, er, has, um... What was I saying...?

Finally, and I don't know quite how to put this, but the galoot in question knows who he (or conceivably I suppose, she) is even if I don't (yet). This won't mean anything to the majority of the readership, for which I apologise, but just to let the mystery galoot know - my gob was, heck, is utterly smacked. Galoots are the finest bunch of folks it's been my privilege to have stumbled upon, but that's way beyond the call. Thank you seems rather inadequate, but I'm working on it - in between
periodically going "gosh" in a small and awed voice...

Actually that's not quite finally. As you may have noticed I'm trying out a way of showing the last five comments on the main page 'cos it seemed like a good idea. However it is possible it may slow up the page loading. If anyone finds it a problem and/or would just rather it went, please do say. Just a trial thing really; I sharn't cry if no-one likes it. Much.


  1. Hey, I noticed the Recent Comments thing yesterday. That's pretty neat. I haven't noticed any slowing. Sometimes Blogger refuses to open, but that's another story!

    The chair is looking pretty cool. Still haven't decided to make one by hand yet. I have started on a "real" toolbox though. I figured I could keep all the tools that migrate into the house in it and out of sight...

    Take care, Mike

  2. A "real" toolbox? As the saying goes "no pics, it didn't happen"... :~P


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