Sunday, March 26, 2006


My readership seems to be under the misaprehension that "roundish" is a problem. Getting them rounder (more round?) is not a problem, I just haven't got to that stage yet. The fact I'm hopelessly tempted to make a chair devil isn't 'cos I need one, but simply 'cos I've always wanted an excuse to make one... Repeat after me - Everything's Under Control

No, it doesn't convince me either...


  1. A likely Tale; More down to an aversion to things with a Tail methinks, (nowhere to plug the Lathe in indeed) or just excuse making for an increase in the Tool Collection.

    Why Bodge when there are more modern tools to hand?

    Too Late, I've already Gone

    You Know Who, Who You Know is just kidding.

  2. Ach, Mike, no need. I rather like the round (or is it hollow? I never can remember which way round it is) idea as it happens.

    However, the theory is the natural faceting that remains is "a feature". No, I dunno if it'll really be a feature or an eyesore either, but hey, nothing ventured...

  3. Ach...just reread my other comment. Tis a hollow. But offering a solution when none's asked for is what I get for not knowing features from detriments as regards furniture styles I know nothing about!

    I think I'll be off to visit my mom and then come back to making saws--started on the Seaton saws yesterday...

    Take care, Mike
    where's it is now 11 am...


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