Monday, March 13, 2006


Further website update - Record 050 manual uploaded. Sheesh, it's all go, isn't it...?

Alas, the anticipated detour into plane refurbishment came to pass, but not before I did indeed finally make myself a Shave Pony. Huzzah! And here's yours truly giving it a test gallop... As you can see, it's not a thing of beauty; more like one of those rather scabby-looking Dartmoor ponies than a well-groomed Pony Club beast. But all holes bored with brace and bit; rather proud of myself that I didn't succumb to using the drill press for accuracy, which is why there's a "spare" hole in the upper jaw... The grooves running the length of the jaws were freehanded with a V-groove plane from the toolchest (cunningly converted from a skew rebate).

Anyway, further detour today as a new 'puter arrived. I'm typing on it now, having eventually got all my various bits and pieces transferred over. The screen is an enormous 19" flat screen (new to me - neanderthal that I am) and somewhere inside the box of tricks I'm reliably informed there's a telly tuner - I'm looking doubtfully at the remote control that came with it even now. I'd have swapped them both for something a little less rattly and spongy in the keyboard line to be honest. I'm not usually someone who bothers to change that sort of thing, but this one could drive me nuts... Still it's all very whizz bang and I shall enjoy loading it up with all sorts of junk so it slows down to a snail's pace just like the other one!


  1. Oooo new gadget! What's the spec? A 19" does make a difference as I keep being reminded when I use the PC at home.

    You'll be glad to know that the dissertation is now done and has "gone gold" making its way to the binding room tomorrow before hand in on Friday. Only oe essay to go.....

    Hope all's well


  2. Alf,

    Good to see the pony has got some litter in its loose box. :-)

  3. Oooo new gadget?! For a minute there I thought you meant the pony... Not telling you the spec; you'll only roll your eyes and probably say "is that all?". I'll wait 'til I've enjoyed the newness for a bit before I let you shoot it down in flames ;~) Fabulous news on the dissertation - look forward to it being chosen for Richard & Judy's Book Club... ;~)

    Nick, that's a nice way of saying "what a mess"!

  4. No Alf, not at all. That's how a workshop should be, it shows some real work is going on. The lack of reality of those pristine workshops you see in some magazines has been commented on by many people many, many times before.

  5. Another month, another Alf tip in GWW. You didn't use to be Peter Giolitto by any chance, did you?


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