Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wakey wakey

See the date stamp on this post? I've already been up and about over an hour. This may not be a big deal except usually I have all the reluctance to get out of bed of a second year philosophy student. Plus the clocks went forward on Sunday. I should be unable to get up an hour later, not being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (kind of) an hour and more earlier than required. Funny thing is the cats seem to have the same trouble. Their usual routine is to clamour to go to bed (and get the tasty treats that go with bedtime) around 9pm. Half past eight last night Polly was all lined up and getting quite testy with the old man because he wasn't taking the hint (raised paw prodding his leg and plaintive mewing). I dunno, is it because the weather's more like Autumn, when the clocks go back, than Spring? Anyway, they're pleased; they love getting let out while it's still dark. Very much your stay-at-home, stay-in-the-warm cats they are, so it's a Bit Of An Adventure.

Mind you, it might be I've woken up early because of my usual birthday dread. I thought I was being pretty good this year, not making a big deal about it. But no, it creeps up on one and coshes you over the head witha sockful of wet sand in the usual way. It's not that I actually mind getting old; it's the annual, incremental steps to get there I hate so much. Altogether too much opportunity for another-year-another-load-of-nothing-achieved thinking. Oh well, if the weather's not too ghastly I've been promised lunch out on Thursday, which may soften the blow...


  1. Well, happy birthday. Today? Well, if not, whichever day.

    Dina and I were sitting on the porch the other day and thinking...50? How can we be _that_ old? We've been married this July 32 years. But it doesn't seem that long.

    Why it seems like only yesterday...

    Take care, Mike

  2. Happy Birthday Alf.

  3. Not yet - Thursday. I still have time to get much more depressed than this... ;~)


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