Friday, March 24, 2006

What's brown and sticky?

Yes, that old chestnut. The answer of course is "A Stick". You have every right to groan; indeed I applaud your good taste in so doing. So against my better judgement I've kinda started on the sticks in a small way. Not to say the arm is all done and dusted, 'cos it isn't, but I thought a little chopping and changing between the two tasks might make things less looming. Dusted was an unintended pun, btw... The picture on the right was my attempt to get a shave pony-user's point of view, but holding a camera underneath you chin isn't the greatest method of getting focused shots it seems. Yes, I was surprised too...

The more staged picture variety was a little easier, and the one on the left there links to the latest page of the chair album where you can see the endless steps required just to get a 3/4" stick from square to roundish. I've done, er, four. Ha hum. And they're not even close to finished size of course, not until I know exactly what bit I'll be using to bore the holes... But it's damn good fun though, plus you get to sit down the whole time which I hardly ever do usually in the w'shop. A router mat makes a handy non-slip cushion on an otherwise rather slippery stool seat, fwiw. Is there no end to its uses? Anyway, whoever it was who said something like "a spokeshave without a shaving horse/pony is like a something without a something" was right on the nose.

I know what you're thinking. One day my photographic memory for quotations will let me down...


  1. Look pretty good to me--being pretty roundish that is.

    If you have some rounds, could you use an appropriate sized one to smooth out the chamfers left behind by the spokeshaves?

    Or, seems like you could make a scratchstock and scrape them pretty round...

    Take care, Mike

  2. Alf-how about the Veritas concave shave?? Right up your street...


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