Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sam Maloof Interview

Sorry to inflict two Bloggings in one day, but I stumbled across this interview with "the Inland Empire’s own national treasure, woodworker Sam Maloof". Dunno that it'll stay up for long, so get it while it's hot - s'only about 8mins though, so don't expect much.

And while I'm in audio mode, there is actually a woodworking Podcast it seems - Matt's Basement Workshop. I initially had hopes when there was talk of hand tools, but that's rather petered out into tablesaurs and so forth. But for the more Normite-inclined listener, fwiw.

Finally I'd love to be able to watch the Woodworking in the 18th Century video, number six about half way down this page, but all I get is a letterbox glimpse. Anyone else have any better luck? Edit: Ah, Mike has had better luck, using this address. He had to download it to get it working; I was luckier and it set off in Quicktime first time. Mack Headley turning on a Great Wheel powered lathe, in case you were wondering whether to bother. Thanks, Mike.


  1. Thanks for the Maloof tip. The folks at NPR need to learn something about file compression. 7.8MB for 8 minutes of talking! That is rough on us dial-up Luddites.

    If you like Maloof, there is a nice DVD available which was filmed about 15 years ago titled Sam Maloof: Woodworking Profile in which they follow him around in shop over a week span.


  2. Thanks for the links, Alf. Enjoyed the Maloof interview.
    And Jeff, you're right-the Maloof Profile is a great DVD. All you need to know about how he makes his chairs!


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