Monday, March 27, 2006

Still sticky

Some more sticks shaved to deliberately "roundish" shape (look, the pics'd be all the same as the last post, so I didn't bother) and a small dilemma or two. I went for 24" for the back sticks as per Langsner, but JB says variously 24" to 27" in the same article. I think I'm gonna have to mock up a couple of the 24" sticks, take a pic and see what you lot think. I worry that maybe I need more height.

The other thing is the ends of the doubler. Should I angle them? Put a bit of a curve in there? What? It's a puzzler and no mistake.

Thirdly, a brace bit extension is currently en route from the US - courtesy of the Mystery Galoot who has yet to reveal him (or her) self. See, there was a For Sale post to the Old Tools List with three auger bit extensions for sale last week. Before I even had time to put finger to keyboard I had a heads-up about it from A Reader, and I shot off an email enquiring whether an international transaction would be a problem. Back comes the reply that "a friend from the list" had already stepped in to sort me out with one and as soon as an address was forthcoming, it'd be on its way. Coo. You can see why the old gob was so comprehensively smacked, can't you? So I'm more than a little agitated that I don't know who this Generous Benefactor is, 'cos I owe him (or her) Big Time. Secondly, will it get here in time...? Talk about drama.

Meanwhile I've been wasting more time than is good for me watching the newly launched Woodworking Channel. Mainly this has involved wincing at the dubious safety practices demonstrated by some of our North American brethren, not least Saint Maloof. Yeah, yeah, so he says "don't do it" when he does the bandsaw stuff, and "I didn't know any better". But heck, he knows better now, so why is he still doing it? Because he knows damn well that's the best way to make his chairs quickly and he doesn't want anyone else muscling in on his gig. I'm afraid, despite his efforts over the years to convince the audience of his humility, I saw a guy who knows his worth pretty darn well. The number of times "I want" sprang to his lips told me more than any of his interviews ever have. Sure, he's earnt his place, but please, don't let's pretend he's a saint. I bet he's a bugger to work for, pardon my Klatchian. While I'm burning my bridges, I might as well say I don't actually like much of his stuff either. Please don't throw things.

Anyway, kudos to Scott Phillips of The American Woodshop, who seems to actually use safety equipment and guards instead of merely paying lip service to them. Some of his advice on sharpening hand planes and such though, well it was a bit dodgy. But hey, you can't have everything I suppose. He's an enthusiastic fellow, isn't he?

However, one irritating aspect has been the frequently repeated "non-commercial" commercial to fill in spare space, with Jason Howard talking about this Great White Hope of a Woodworking Channel. Apparently woodworking has been, erm, I think "stagnant" was the word he used. And no excitement, or words to that effect. Eh? Doesn't he read the forums? Maybe not the hand tool ones? There seems to be plenty going on, if you ask me. We're rediscovering real woodworking instead of this machine-minding we got into; that's exciting enough for me, chum.


  1. I caught a bit of the Woodworking Channel earlier. Someone doing a tour of his 'perfect' workshop. As usual with these things, not a spot of dust anywhere. He had a spray booth in the corner behind a shower curtain, complete with fold out rotating table a la ironing board. Not a spot of overspray anywhere. Wonder what gun he uses?

  2. Ah yes, I saw that one. I think it was one of the workshop set-ups one of the 'Murrican mags does periodically. Shop Notes perhaps? Dunno; they used to have the layouts online but I couldn't find them after a quick search.

  3. I haven't spent but 10 minutes watching the thing. Oh, I try. Each time I lasted but a minute or so. Depending on the content they end up with, it may turn out OK, especially if they get the on-demand library built up and in place.

    If they want to see a "real" shop, they should shoot mine...

    Take care, Mike


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