Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dust Storm

You know that old saw - no, not that kind of saw, Mike - that old saw about you can never have enough clamps? I'm inclined to think it applies to spokeshaves too. Really I could do with a bevel down round sole as well, and when I eventually bite the bullet on the sticks one of those concave soled jobbies could be mighty useful.... Hell's teeth, I just remembered I've got a round soled one, haven't I? That dinky little #63 I got the other day. Oh mercy me, it has got to a bad stage when I can't recall all my spokeshaves... Anyway, see that blur? That's me trying to get as much done as possible before you-know-what kicks in. The Stanley #53 is getting the big use, ironically; it can take mightier shavings than the Veritas.

But still not great progress, so I donned dust mask and ear defenders, chucked the drum sander with some 80g in the ancient B&D 'leccy drill (does that count as an old tool?) and had at it Norm-stylee. Needless to say I unplugged the Christmas lights and replugged the air filter and got that going, but nevertheless the thin coat of dust over every surface isn't exactly filling me with happiness. Blooming hot work too and with the fine dust in the air you can't stop and whip off the mask for a breather either. I'd have stepped out for a gasp of air but it's absolutely bucketing down. That and if the confusion of mask, ear muffs, specs and earphones (you really need music while you work for this job) didn't go on easily, it was a total cat's cradle getting it all off again...

Finished off the other bit of worryingly organised tidying up too. Too much of the 'Rat stuff's been skulling about loose for too long. The drawers I made way back when I originally got it have long been outgrown, so here's the replacement. Not as nice to look at but holding twice as much in the same space. And yes, that's my complete collection of router bits in there, as well as all the 'Rat stuff and I still have a drawer to spare!


  1. Need [i]more[/i] spokeshaves? Would it be totally mean to point out that Dick Tools are having a sale at the moment?

  2. Yes it would - I hurried straight over... However so far, so good; I'm not at all lured by such delights as the Bamboo Bonsai Root Picks...

  3. For a moment I thought the Cat's Paw Claw was a back-scratcher. Ow!!

  4. Did you miss the Harris spokeshaves, or is this a case of tactical blindness :D

  5. Looking good Alf

    But what is "you-know-what kicks in", 'casue i don't!!

    The chair is coming on nicely and the need to use spokeshaves ratehr than powertools is one we all feel and applaud :)



  6. Definitely tactical blindness... Although if I knew what the thread size was, the spare blade for the travisher was tempting in order to try making one myself.

    Tony, sorry, it's The Thumbs.


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