Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Getting my back up

Well I threatened you with having to voice an opinion, and here's the moment of truth. Obviously it's not ideal, what with the legs being, erm, well, a sawhorse... And the height's probably a bit off, plus the sticks may end up looking fractionally shorter than that once they're in their mortises and angled and so forth. Oh, and they'll be thinner and probably six of them. But apart from that, what d'you think? Too short, or okay? I stuck an offcut on the top as a sort of stand-in comb, but it'll be thicker than that, which'll add a bit of height... But then he's a tall lad. Ack.

Meanwhile the DVD drive on the 'puter's ceased to function. Bugger. I don't much fancy another session of hassle with our Indian friend, quite frankly. I feel Strong Words to Dell coming on...


  1. Oh well, as no one else has been brave enough to comment yet: I think that either the arms are too low or the back is too high. I don't really know look you are aiming for, but with a back that narrow I wouldn't expect it to be so much higher than the arms.

    Let's see if that gets the ball rolling.

  2. I agree with Nick--about the chair part. It is only lunchtime here...not to timid to speak [g].

    What I don't know is whether in part this appparent tallness is due to camera angle alone, or if the proportions seem off to my eye.

    If the arms are just below elbow height as one sits, they should be fine. The comb or crest rail will make a difference as to the look, though. Is it suppose to come up behind the head at its top, or ?

    Take care, Mike

  3. ooh err - it no longer looks like a mock-up.

    I've never built a chair so what do I know? I do know if they are comfortable or not to sit on though. Is it at all possible to hold those bits & pieces in place so you could sit on it and therefore get an idea of where the back (of the chair) is in releation to the siters back/head/shoulders?


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