Friday, March 31, 2006

Small world

I can't possibly talk about my day, 'cos it's been flippin' 'orrible and I'd really rather pretend it didn't exist. So instead let's talk about this Blog...

Not that I'm as ego-centric as that might suggest, just that I find some of the facts and figures I get from Sitemeter relating to the traffic on here rather fascinating. I know, what a sad case I am. Location's my favourite. Obviously the UK provides the bulk, with the US coming in second (for a change), but there's also Canada, Ireland, France, Netherlands,
Australia, Italy, and less often Germany, Luxemburg, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Slovakia, Romania, Russia and probably others I've forgotten (sorry). What I like best is being able to click on the link for the country and getting a rundown of size, population, principle exports etc etc. It certainly helps fill some gaping holes in my geographical knowledge... S'tordinary, though, the internet. My only real-life forrin travel is a school trip on the ferry to Boulogne Sur le Mer, and yet here you can travel the world from the discomfort of your desk instead of the discomfort of an airport lounge... Should you be gagging to know, Continental share has Europe streaking ahead on 71%, North America with a respectable 25% and Australia lagging behind with 4%. Evidentally the African, Asian and indeed Antarctic market has yet to embrace these Musings. Frankly I'm gutted.

Even as I posted this the stats tell me I can add Argentina to the list - and I completely forgot South America all together, didn't I? Oh deary me...

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