Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tick the box

As my home page now unwisely advises visitors to check this Blog for site updates, I'd better mention there's a new old tool dealer added to the Dealer List.

For the more project-inclined reader, the shave pony seems to have got the upper hand and the parts are largely cut and just waiting the technical bit (glues and screws) before being a fully working 'ickle pony - I hope. Meanwhile I'm being lured into a side track from my side track into doing something about a wooden jointer I bought, er, "some time ago". I shall try to resist but if a plane features on this Blog either tomorrow or Monday, please don't be surprised...

Finally, as various fora threads tread well-worn paths, I was thinking that 'net woodworkers really need to go round with an easily read profile ticking or crossing the more frequently encountered boxes and/or just general things you really need to know. Viz:
  • Tails or Pins?
  • Dado blades, yea or nay?
  • Match planing, camber, sense of plumb or jointer fence for jointing?
  • Leigh or 'Rat?
  • Cheapest, oldest or best of the modern tools?
  • More tools Good or Bad?
  • Ruler Trick?
  • Tormek, waterstones, diamonds, oil stones or scary sharp?
  • Knocked off corners or camber on smoother blade?
  • Norm, good or bad?
  • Pocket hole screws, spawn of the devil or not?
  • MDF - likewise?
  • Krenov - genius or loony?
  • Tanged or socketed chisels?
I'm sure there are others (feel free to suggest some) but don't you think it'd make it so much easier if we knew everyone's prejudices right up front? Mind you, might not be as much fun...


  1. Either, don't care, all sans camber, 'Rat, all, amoral, no/sometimes, all, both really, don't care, nope, nope, neither, both.

    Could also add iron planes or woodies. Sanding or not. Then there are the finishes...shellac, oil, wax, film or au natural or some combination. Or, how about nails or not? And more, I'm sure.

    Prejudice or preference? Doesn't matter. Both start with a 'P'. About the only thing that goads me is when someone either calls into question my or another's ethics. Kinda pisses me off. But hey, I'm working on it...

    Take care. Enjoy the blog.

    awaiting pics of the jointer...

  2. How about A2 or High Carbon steel?
    So your shaving horse-will it be a multi purpose beast or a one trick pony? ;)
    I'll get me coat
    Philly ;)

  3. Tails,no dado, rat sometime, old tools, waterstones, Norm Ok, not mdf, chisels no pref.



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